March 20, 2013

What's in the box this week?

Eggs from our pasture-raised, certified organic, happy hens.

Cauliflower Enjoy the last of the heads from this crop.  Cauliflower has a very tight harvest window, and we only pick a crop over the course of 2 or 3 weeks.  We may have a few late bloomers next week, but last week's heat pushed the remainder of the crop to maturity fast.  Slightly heartier than broccoli, store in your crisper and use within 2-5 days.

Rainbow Chard A bunch of assorted rainbow varieties of chard.  Store in plastic and use within 2-5 days.

Cabbage These small-ish heads of Gregorian cabbage have filled in nicely.  Tight and sweet, enjoy them shaved raw, braised, or cooked into soups.  We will have one more spring crop of cabbage, so savor it while it lasts.  Store in your crisper and use within 2 weeks.

Baby Salad Mix  A half-pound bag of our freshly-harvested six-variety lettuce blend.  Use the green garlic, spring onions, and/or radish in your salad mix this week.  Store in its bag and use within 2-5 days.  

Green Garlic The ultimate flavor enhancer and body rejuvenator.  Use the tops boiled into stock and stews, the bottoms like fresh garlic cloves.  

Spring Onion These Walla Walla bunching onions are beginning to bulb out and hint at their sweetness to come.  The tops are delicate enough to use as green onions, the bottoms to be used like onion bulbs.  

German Radish A larger, spicy radish with nice green tops.  The radish tops may be lightly cooked and served with pastas, and the roots used fresh in salads or cooked into stews or roasts (cooking them lessens their spicy-ness and brings out their sweetness).  For longer storage, separate the greens from the roots.

We hope you enjoy your produce as much as we enjoy growing it for you!

Have a great week,

-Chris & the Hens

pic of the week: my new friend Wile E. Coyote.  He's been coming around every day when I do tractor work.  He's hasn't caused any trouble; he seems to just be saying hey.