August 14, 2013

What’s in the box this week?

Standard Shares include:

Haogen Melon Galia type melon.  The delicate, juicy green flesh and thin skin of this melon demands it be eaten soon after harvest.  Not our melon with the highest sugar, you can appreciate its texture and complex floral-honey notes.

Cherry Tomatoes

Armenian/Marketmore Cucumber The “snake melon” cucumber is known for its crisp green flesh, thin skin, and few seeds. 

Costata Romanesco/Midnight Zucchini The “striped roman” or our Midnight green zucchini.

German Butterball Potatoes A fantastic all-purpose russet type yellow potato with flavor!

Nantes Carrots Well-suited for roasting.

Sage Fresh sage pairs nicely with potatoes and carrots.

Egg Shares include eggs from our certified organic, pasture-raised, happy hens.

Preserve Shares: Pickled Valley Girls with Garlic and Basil

Vegetable Forecast:  Melon, Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Poblano, Jalapeno, Garlic

Don’t forget about our Online Market, where you can order items to add to your box next week.

We hope you enjoy your produce as much as we enjoy growing it for you!

Pic of the week:  Clover surveys winter squash plantings at sunset