August 7, 2013

What’s in the box this week?

Standard Shares include:

Charentais Melon A French cantaloupe.  Store in your fridge and eat within 2-3 days.

Genovese Basil with Roots We harvest our basil plants whole bush! As a highly perishable herb, we prefer to yank the whole thing so you can keep the plant in a glass of water, on your counter (not in the fridge!), where it will keep for weeks and make your kitchen smell amazing.  Pick from it as you need.  Please get these in water as soon as possible. 

Padron Peppers are spicy this week!  Flash fried in a little olive oil and tossed in sea salt, they make the perfect appetizer to wash down with a cold drink on a warm summer evening.

Valley Girl Tomatoes

Calliope Eggplant


Egg Shares include eggs from our certified organic, pasture-raised, happy hens.

Preserve Shares: Spicy Dill Pickles

Vegetable Forecast:  Melon, Cherry Tomatoes, Zucchini, Cucumber, Potatoes

Don’t forget about our Online Market, where you can order items to add to your box next week.

We hope you enjoy your produce as much as we enjoy growing it for you!

Pic of the week:  valley girl tomatoes trellising