August 19, 2015

What’s in the box this week?

Standard Shares include

  • Mixed Cherry Tomatoes –  Cook the tomatoes in a skillet of hot oil to concentrate their sweetness and break down their skins. Serve them on top of rigatoni with peppery raw arugula, fresh ricotta, and pieces of crispy bread browned in hot oil. All of these things taste good on their own, and even better when combined one forkful at a time.
  • Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes – Cut heirloom tomatoes into large cubes and create a tasty Greek Salad with crisp lettuce, crumbled feta cheese, sliced red onion, pitted Kalamata olives and a red wine vinaigrette.
  • Hot Pepper Medley– The star of this week’s recipe! 
  • Eggplant - While capable of absorbing large amounts of cooking fats and sauces - making for very rich dishes — salting reduces the amount of oil that eggplant absorbs.
  • Gypsy Peppers – Gypsy peppers are sweet peppers that have thinner walls and skin than your average bell peppers, so they are much better suited to roasting and grilling. They are also very popular for stuffing.

Egg Shares include eggs from our certified organic, pasture-raised, happy hens. 


Vegetable Forecast

Cherry Tomatoes,  Roma Tomatoes, Cucumber, Summer Squash, Sweet Peppers


During the first two years of running our CSA, we sent out a fairly detailed survey to get feedback from our members.  The results of these surveys have informed our crop plans and play a large role in what the main components are of your boxes each week.  One clear theme also emerged: there are a huge variety of food preferences out there!  And we see such diametric responses regularly: “Too many beets” and “Can’t get enough beets!” “I hate okra!” and “I wish there was more okra!” “Too many carrots!” and “What am I supposed to do with all these carrots!?”

So our strategy evolved into making sure that most of the contents of the boxes are things that were in the top 5 of accumulated survey responses of each season.  And, once - sometimes twice - per year, we try to introduce you to another food than may be more unusual or outside your comfort zone.  This week’s hot peppers are one such item.  Some people could receive hot peppers every week in their box, others could just assume send them straight to the compost. 

But wait! We implore you to play around with them, starting with this week’s Pickled Pepper recipe.  Then use any amount that is enjoyable for you.  Hot peppers play an important role in health - and recently splashed the pages of our local newspaper. 

This last winter had us so swamped with the move that the survey lapsed, but keep an eye out for one again this winter.  We’d really appreciate your feedback on what’s working and what’s not - we grow with and for you!



Pickled Peppers (Makes 1 qt) 

Use all those delicious and varied hot chilies from this week’s box to make a lovely, spicy condiment that you can keep in your fridge and then PUT ON EVERYTHING FOR THE NEXT MONTH.  Some people add carrots or cauliflower to their pickled veg, this is a great foundational recipe that you can riff on.  Thank you Bon Appetit for the recipe!

  •     4 c assorted chiles (use the hot peppers from this week’s box!)
  •     1 1/2 c distilled white vinegar
  •     3 garlic cloves
  •     2 tbsp black peppercorns
  •     2 tbsp kosher salt
  •     2 tbsp sugar
  •     2 tbsp coriander seeds

Cut large chiles into 1/4 inch rings. Pierce small chiles 3-4 times with a skewer. Pack all chiles in a clean 1-qt jar.

Bring vinegar, all remaining ingredients, and 1 1/2 c water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 5 minutes. Pour hot brine over peppers; seal jar. Let cool, then refrigerate. Serve within 1 month. 


Pic of the Week

Onion transplants getting ready for your Thanksgiving dinner!