Tours & Education

We believe it's important to increase the understanding of how small farms operate.  Seeing where and how vegetables and eggs are produced is a valuable experience.  

We have two options available:

Guided Private Tours for Groups & Individuals

Private tours are available with Chris, covering the history of our farm, the basics of a farm operation, and ecological practices.  Private tours are a maximum of one hour.  The flat fee for up to 10 people is $50. Groups of more than 10 are a flat fee of $100.  To schedule, contact us.

Educational Topical Tours

For groups and organizations wishing to drill down deeper into a specific topic like eggs, vegetable production, or farm finances, we can tailor a session to meet your interests.  To inquire about topics, pricing, and scheduling, contact us.

This is a private residence. 

While we are happy to share the world we create on our farm, our farm properties also contain some of our homes and the homes of our landlords.  Please respect our personal lives and privacy by not showing up without an appointment. 

This is a working farm. 

Say Hay Farms is staffed by half a dozen people, who work long, busy days to care for our birds and soil, and produce food from our work. The farm operates 365 days a year.  We are happy to share the knowledge we've gained through our experiences, but we must ensure that we are compensated for our time.